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Why communication is my focus.

Woman at work
Ok, ok I may have photoshopped myself into this. It was a long time ago and I don't have pictures! :)

I've been a professional communicator for as long as I can remember. My first real office job was taking phone calls for Comcast in the 90's. "Thank you for calling Comcast, this is Erin how can I help you?" It was the beginning for me of learning to ask good questions aimed to help people. I was there to not only help with upgrades and new customers but tech support as well. That means helping people navigate a service that at the time wasn't so intuitive like the apps and online tv we have today that our toddlers can do.

Each day was a new set of challenges helping people from all ages and education levels, and I simply loved it! I liked people, helping people specifically even when they were salty, frustrated and difficult. Turning a negative interaction into a positive conversation was my goal and I rarely found a situation I couldn't solve by simply listening.

Listening is the key. It's how you serve. It's how you represent others well and how you can determine what assistance someone needs and wants. It's obvious to me that true representative democracy begins with a good conversation. How can a leader be trusted with your community without knowing what you want? Comprehensive Plans are supposed to fill that gap by gathering the public's view on the things and factoring it in to policy making. Have you read Valley County's Comprehensive Plan? I'm sure a ton of work went into it but I think things have changed quite a bit since it was developed and it's time to ask the people again how they see the future of Valley County.

How do you want to grow? Where do you see housing and what does it look like? What are the main priorities you want your leaders to concentrate on? In my time working in local government communications I've learned quite a bit on how to reach out to the public. I've been a part of many fact finding missions for planning documents and projects over the years and how to ask good questions is something that takes practice. They can't be hollow, they need to open doors to creative solutions and connect to ideas already in place or that may need updating. I suppose the most important thing about communication is that it shouldn't stop and should be easy. It should be ongoing, not just part of the process - an action that let's you be and feel heard.

We are going through a lot of change in our region due to growth and who you choose to represent you should be a listener, question asker, a creative brainstormer that wants to learn from you. I truly want to learn from you while leading Valley County up the path that is right for the future of real Idaho Families. Please consider giving me your vote.

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