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How I made my way to Idaho and why I stayed.

My father gave me the key and my husband and I worked everyday to get here and we are never leaving.

Dad in Navy Uniform
My Dad Timothy Stansbury 1955-2016 - Navy Veteran

How we found our Idaho.

I am a US Navy Brat and I say that proudly as my father served our country with honor. Before joining the crew of the USS Texas 39, a Virginia-class nuclear guided missile cruiser, my father was stationed in Idaho in Nuclear Power Training for the US Navy in the 70’s. I grew up fascinated by the stories he told and the places around the world he was able to see. Growing up he would tell me stories of Idaho and how it was the most beautiful place he’d been.

I always remembered his stories and often thought of visiting Idaho. After many years, a marriage and thee boys born, my husband Julian was celebrating his 40th birthday milestone and we planned a trip. We headed to Idaho for a river adventure, not knowing it would change our lives forever. We drove though the mountains found our outfitter and simply couldn't stop dreaming of how we could somehow stay. We fell in love - instantly! This was the river adventure that brought us to our Idahome!

River rafting
Our first Idaho River Adventure

We ended up adding on another day on the river and exploring more of the rivers, forests and cities that marked them and we made a plan. Once we returned we would do something that got us closer to Idaho everyday. We focused, we made sacrifices, we saved every penny and within 8 weeks he had a job, we had posted our house for sale, packed and told our families. We were doing this!

We didn't choose Valley County it chose us. It called out and we answered and now after ten years we have made a life here. Our children have been raised here. We've made lifelong friends, we are coaches, volunteers, leaders, business owners and found where we belong. Julian and I not only thankful for the stories my father told us but for the new family that welcomed us when we arrived in Valley County.

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