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Don't believe everything you read.

Yes, my experience in our region's government is vast and I've been lucky enough to be involved in many high priority projects. Some were even team award winners and I am very proud to have collaborated on those in particular. I've sat on committees that have evaluated capital improvement projects and made recommendations for funding; recommended staff and technology improvements through an internal process team; collaborated on intensive long range planning processes that included months and months of varied community engagement; educated the public on sewer consolidation and a library expansion (twice); and worked alongside emergency responders to help plan our region's adopted Hazard Mitigation Plan. But what I haven't done is take part in the vote on any of these final documents, processes, taxation, code changes or other policy changes. Only elected leaders do that. In all my experience, my responsibility has been to collaborate, communicate, educate and collect community data to be shared with the actual decision makers. That said, I'd sure like to be a decision maker for Valley County. Vote Nov. 8th

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