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Letters to the Editor - Featured in the McCall Star-News

Greaves is a communicator, trustworthy and courageous

Valley County is fortunate that Erin Greaves is a candidate for Valley County commissioner. The proven qualities and experiences she brings to local governance make her an outstanding candidate, and they include:

Superb Communicator. Being McCall’s Public Information Officer has helped Erin tone her communications talents and tools for distributing accurate, relevant, engaging information.

She is technically skilled in today’s means and importance of informing and engaging the public.

Trustworthy. Throughout the many networks and affiliations Erin maintains, she is trusted to learn the issues, follow through, and be fair, courteous, and decisive. People of all bents in Valley County like and trust Erin.

Courageous. Erin is courageous when it is prudent to make a course correction or bring to light options contrary to a group’s sway. I have observed this numerous times in shared meetings.

Informed. Erin’s daily work within the City of McCall requires a well-based understanding of current and forthcoming issues. She is a sincere and open-minded listener.

Dedicated. Erin is passionate about being a public servant and improving the well-being of all people. Being a county commissioner aligns with her life purpose.

Strategic Thinker. Erin exhibits executive skills and comprehends the complexities of creating safe, caring, prosperous communities.

A Bridge-Builder. Erin is one of those people who make others willing to work together.

As a long-term resident of Valley County, I am excited that Erin is a candidate and whole-heartedly endorse her candidacy.

Lyle Nelson, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 27, 2022

Pietri, Greaves will give residents a voice, provide certainty

On Nov. 8, I plan to vote for Joey Pietri and Erin Greaves for the Valley County commission because they will keep the priorities of our communities first.

The commissioners must create a process that not only gives residents a voice but also provides certainty about what is happening in their neighborhoods.

We need commissioners who will give a voice to the people and who are willing to make decisions that balance the power between citizens and the increasing demand that developers place on Valley County.

Joey has been an integral part of this community for 50 years, and his actions speak much louder than his words. He listens to the whole community, engages with the issues, and consistently participates in county, city, and community meetings. Joey has a heart of gold. As Valley County commissioner he will champion the people and places he loves.

Erin is equally dedicated to this place. She knows what it takes to bring people together to participate in community dialogue.

Erin has consistently engaged community input concerning City of McCall initiatives and projects, and she effectively collaborates with all levels of government.

As Valley County commissioner, Erin will bring with her a spirit of collaboration as we tackle some of our county’s most challenging issues.

Unrestrained development increases pressure on the water table and threatens the quality of surface and ground water, effects which are exacerbated by a changing climate. That is why we need commissioners who are forward thinking about protecting neighborhoods from sprawling developments, especially those near wetlands, farmlands, and fragile ecosystems.

We need commissioners who will guide decision making to enact reasonable zoning laws and policies that support local agriculture in the county. We need commissioners who will put residents on equal footing with developers.

To protect the health, well-being and future of Valley County, vote for Joey Pietri and Erin Greaves.

Melissa Coriell, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 20, 2022

Greaves would be thoughtful leader, seek consensus

Please strongly consider voting for Erin Greaves for Valley County commissioner.

Like you, I want to see the best candidates in our elected offices, candidates who choose and commit to serve the people of our communities, who want to represent people, not a certain party or special agenda.

We hope for candidates in elected office with professionalism, enthusiasm, experience, skills, perspective, understanding those they seek to represent and how to navigate government/public processes.

We hope for candidates who understand planning for the future, gathering information, public feedback, expert, consultant and staff input, being thoughtful, seeking consensus when possible, communicating effectively, being an advocate for the people. These qualities have tremendous value in elected office, and they are all qualities of candidate Erin Greaves.

I have worked with, listened to, and watched Erin Greaves navigate important issues in our community as a public information officer. She has been invaluable at the City of McCall.

She understands the major (and minor) issues of our county, she understands how to be effective in decision-making, taking all factors into consideration. She has extensive community relations experience, she has relationships across our county, and she understands deeply the values of our community.

Erin Greaves has been an asset in our community, and if elected as Valley County commissioner, she will be more than just an asset to our county, she will be a compassionate leader to help make decisions with respect to our roots, our history, with the challenges that are present today, and those challenges that inevitably will arise.

Please consider joining me in the important decision of electing Erin Greaves.

Mike Maciaszek, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 20, 2022

Greaves is prompt, efficient, trustworthy, and effective

Here is why I support Erin Greaves for Valley County Commissioner:

Erin is passionate about everything in life. She is an astounding mom of three awe-inspiring people growing up to be well-mannered adults, raised in McCall. Since the beginning of her career with local government, her support of services shows the dedication that we need in the county commissioner’s office.

Erin brings knowledge of all components of government from law enforcement and streets crew, to airport and water and all the long-range planning in-between. She holds an extensive volunteer record that supports education and youth development but also provides aid to terminal patients and their families.

After experiencing those needs for my own friends and family, I can attest to her dedication and compassionate heart. Erin listens to what people have to say, and communicates exceptionally well.

Erin is an enterprising person, and when faced with challenges, is the kind of person that runs toward them with fearless abandon, ready to tackle anything placed in her wheelhouse.

She is prompt, efficient, trustworthy, and effective at tasks bestowed to her care and execution. Meticulous with details as well as having a big-picture attitude, she will excel at overseeing county and community matters, should she be given the opportunity.

Vote for Erin Greaves in November!

Geoff Wheatstine, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022

Greaves will keep an open mind and search for collaborations

Erin Greaves’ background in communication will serve her well as a Valley County commissioner. Over the years, I’ve worked with Erin on multiple projects involving public, private, and non-profit enterprises.

The two common threads through every interaction is that Erin is always 1. Truly listening to what everyone involved has to say, and, 2. She always looks for solutions that allow everyone to have a positive outcome. To me, that is true collaboration and true leadership.

I firmly believe that Erin will bring those skills to any job or challenge she tackles. So many leaders try to push their ideas on others and convince others that their position is the only solution.

Erin, on the other hand, will keep an open mind and search for solutions and collaborations that benefit all involved. That kind of approach leads to results, and that’s the kind of leader that Valley County deserves.

April Whitney, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022

Greaves will focus squarely on finding balanced solutions

I, like so many of my neighbors, own and faithfully operate a small business in the Valley County community. With rapid growth and workforce obstacles making this endeavor more challenging by the day, it becomes increasingly pertinent to be deliberate and forward thinking about who holds leadership roles in our communities. That is why I am writing to urge the citizens of Valley County to vote for Erin Greaves for the District 3 commissioner seat.

Working locals are the heartbeat of our communities, and Erin supports them at every level, partly because she is one of them. Erin recognizes the need for viable housing options that sustain quality employees. She is driven to create a roadmap for the future that supports small business development in both the short and long terms. And she has the skills to do it.

Erin brings a complete and well-rounded perspective on the needs of the public. She has filled a critical role with the City of McCall with dedication and insightfulness for nearly a decade. That role has provided Erin with a front-row seat to the emerging challenges facing our communities and a realistic view of what role local governments can play in solving them and what obstacles have blocked progress in the past.

Her roles as a spouse and a co-business owner have given her a true understanding of what it takes to survive the seasonal push and pull of our local hospitality industry. And she is a parent who cares deeply about the place where she raises her children. This care is manifested into action through communication, compassion and volunteerism.

Candidates are often quick to list their accolades and successes. And while these are integral parts to electing leadership, they are parts. Erin delivers on an elevated field. Her focus is on her ability to get in the thick of things, to listen without complacency or partisanship and to be a “boots on the ground” advocate for people as we face a reality that is moving at warp speed.

Erin’s focus is squarely on finding balanced solutions to the problems that impact us most. She doesn’t shy from ongoing dialogues with those who have different opinions and continually employs such tact in the face of opposition.

More than ever, we need bright and steady people who can leave their personal agendas at the door for the betterment of the entire community. I am 100% confident that Erin Greaves will deliver on that promise.

If it takes a village, it takes each and every vote. I urge you to exercise your right this November. Your village deserves it.

Janelle K. Toohey, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022

Experience of Greaves makes her the best choice for Valley

I’ve been surprised to read recent letters to the editor where people seem to gloss over the fact that Erin Greaves by far has the most real-world experience of all new candidates running for county commissioner.

Erin works in a position now that is parallel to the position of county commissioner. In the business world, people interview for jobs. This is a job and Erin Greaves is the most qualified applicant. A few of these candidates are not qualified for the job despite their volunteer experience. Erin Greaves is!

Also, Erin works for the city, she does not run the city. I read a letter from someone implying that she was a part of taxes, housing and building codes. That is wrong. She is not a voting member of the policy at the city. Don’t try to pin those things on her.

In addition, she has stated ideas of what could change on the comprehensive plan. She has it on her website and posted it on social media. The same letter said she didn’t state it. Just because someone didn’t see it or read it doesn’t mean she didn’t explain it.

Additionally, our communities are made up of both Democrats and Republicans and I trust that Erin Greaves will represent both. I also trust she will use common sense when acting on behalf of Valley County. She will not be influenced by others and will speak up to support the voice of her constituents and that is something we need; representation of all.

Diane Sanders, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022

Greaves is hands-down the best candidate for the job

One of my neighbors was a county commissioner for three years. I learned a lot about what the job entails. Wanting to be more engaged in local politics, I went to the candidate forum which raised hope and concern for this community.

In my mind, there is only one candidate appropriate for this job. When I say job, I mean full-time job with a lot of responsibility attached to it. Erin Greaves hands-down won the night.

She answered the questions, has committed to quitting her current day job, and has the intelligence, knowledge, and experience to do the job, and do it well. I will also give a shout out to Sherry Maupin, who did an equally good job in the forum. While the other two candidates have their hearts are in the right place, they are simply not suitable for the job.

Erin Greaves works for the City of McCall and has experience with long-range planning and capital improvement projects (streets, water, airport, law-enforcement, etc.).

Her job is to translate complicated city codes to share information with the public, which means she must have a solid understanding of them!

I know many from the forum felt that she is a communications person. She is well beyond that! As a commissioner you have to know and understand a lot about so many areas w/in the county. It is constant learning.

Erin Greaves has the experience of learning understanding and educating. She is a manager of projects across the city that collaborate with all departments, state, federal, and local agencies.

This is the same as what she will be doing as county commissioner. These are exactly the types of interactions that will give her a leg up when working as a commissioner.

This job is hard and thankless, and it needs someone who has the most advantage and knowledge to move us forward. That is Erin Greaves.

Do you want to trust someone who shows up once a week or every day? If every day, then you should be voting for Erin Greaves.

Katy Kujawski, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022

Pietri, Greaves have all the qualities needed to serve on Valley commissioner

Joey Pietri and Erin Greaves are each running for a Valley County Commissioner position. They should be elected for the following reasons:

• Having new and responsible ideas for county management – always a good idea.

• Recognizing the need for the preservation and health of land and water.

• Understanding that support services should not be overwhelmed by poorly controlled development.

• Knowing that quality of life issues should be at the forefront of decision-making.

• Realizing that both short and long term planning must be constantly revisited to ensure soundness, effectiveness and legality.

Value our future. Value our environment. Value why we live here. Vote! Vote! Vote!

Bruce Rankin, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 6, 2022

Greaves has unique perspective that will prove invaluable

I am writing in support of Erin Greaves for the Valley County District 3 Commissioner seat.

I have known Erin personally for 10 years and have watched her consistently give of herself both professionally and philanthropically.

Professionally, Erin’s creativity and professionalism show in each piece of communication she puts out while owning a business and working for the City of McCall.

As City of McCall Communications Manager, Erin has had a front-row seat to our county’s challenges and the opinions of both residents and visitors to Valley County. This experience has given her a unique perspective that would be invaluable to the commission.

Erin amazes me in her continued educational pursuits and the contacts she has sought to ensure she stays up to date on issues at hand and has the most accurate knowledge.

Erin’s family values and trustworthiness set her apart on a personal level. She has shown, repeatedly, through her philanthropic pursuits, that she is vested in the county’s children and families and constantly puts others before herself.

I am proud and fortunate to have Erin as a friend and confidante. She is the best choice for Valley County commissioner.

Kelsie Baldwin, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 6, 2022

Greaves will give public a seat at the decision-making table

Over the past few years, many people we have had the pleasure to meet in our work and in our communities have expressed concerns that Valley County has changed and they are no longer sure that what the average resident needs or wants is a priority to our leadership.

People are afraid that Valley County is being eagerly sold away on the cheap to out-of-state interests that will exclude most of us from enjoying our peaceful yet active rural lifestyles while local priorities are neglected. Many note they believe the current county commission does not advocate strongly enough for our priorities and values.

This is why we urge voters to vote for Erin Greaves for county commissioner. Erin is committed to taking on the task of truly listening to and engaging with any member of the public who would like to share input and ideas. With Erin on the commission, we will all once again have a seat at the decision-making table.

When we first met Erin, we were happily bowled over by this bright and engaging person. As our family got to know hers, we learned of her deep commitment to supporting and improving our communities through her volunteer work for a variety of youth activities and through her years of service updating and professionalizing the communications department at the city of McCall.

She does all of this while raising three fine boys with her husband Julian. Erin rolls up her sleeves to take on tough tasks because they need to be done and they are what our kids, our families and our communities need and deserve to thrive.

As commissioner, we believe Erin will represent the people of Valley County first – by listening to the concerns and priorities of folks from all walks of life and by working relentlessly to shape growth and services to reflect our community values and to preserve all of our many ways of life.

About a year ago, the commission itself acknowledged that the job of commissioner has evolved into a full-time, professional position. Erin possesses the experience and the work ethic to get this evolution done effectively and the grace to uplift and motivate all that work with her to meet Valley County challenges.

Valley County is at a critical point. There are two change candidates that could steer the growth in our county back toward local priorities and away from predatory development; we will let others speak for the gentleman with the green yard signs. Please take the time to get to know Erin Greaves through her website and public presentations if you don’t already know her personally.

Development is apparently inevitable but with Erin’s thoughtful leadership, we do not have to end up suffering the same ills as Aspen, Colorado or Jackson, Wyoming.

Brian and Katy Stoll, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, October 6, 2022

Greaves is level-headed, always takes an impartial stance

I am writing this letter to express my full support of Erin Greaves for Valley County commissioner. I have known Mrs. Greaves for close to eight years now. I first met her when her husband Julian was a chef at The Shore Lodge. I immediately became a friend and thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the Greaves family.

I assisted Mrs. Greaves on an occasion when she was working with the PLCA 4 Kids After School Program, and seeing her leadership and commanding the room, I was extremely impressed! When she became the communications manager for the City of McCall, she excelled in that position as well.

Mrs. Greaves was put to the highest test when dealing with the pandemic in 2020. She was nothing but calm and collected when addressing the public during that trying time. She was able to bring her leadership abilities to the forefront and was able to keep the city and county calm.

Mrs. Greaves is extremely level-headed and has always taken a very impartial stance when dealing with issues, not only within her career but also in the home. I have continued to gather with the Greaves family, and after hearing about her decision to run for commissioner, I was nothing but 100% supportive! Mrs. Greaves will continue to make the City of McCall and Valley Country a desired place to live.

I strongly recommend that you consider my recommendation for Mrs. Erin Greaves for the Valley County commissioner.

Sarah L. Nissen, Donnelly

Publication Date: Thursday, September 29, 2022

Greaves friendly, enthusiastic & understands local government

Please join me in supporting Erin Greaves as District 3 candidate for the Valley County commission.

I worked closely with Erin in her role as Communications Manager for the City of McCall during the latter part of my tenure on McCall City Council. She assumed that role in 2016 and transformed city communications. She was dedicated not just to providing information but also to proactively engaging the public.

She is innovative and skilled in her use of technology and other approaches to public engagement, always with the goal of reaching as many people as possible across as many sectors as possible. She is dedicated to ensuring that the public has a role not just in envisioning the future of their community but also in contributing to the plans and policies that support that vision.

Moreover, Erin is friendly and enthusiastic. She is an open and active listener. She understands local government.

If Erin is elected to the Valley County commission, she will be instrumental in promoting responsive and responsible government. Please vote for Erin Greaves for Valley County commissioner.

Marcia Witte


Publication Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022

Pietri, Greaves will provide the leadership Valley County needs

I endorse Joey Pietri and Erin Greaves for Valley County commissioners.

I often hear from people in our community that their vote doesn’t count, growth is inevitable, and we can’t do anything about development. I also hear from younger people that our county commissioners do not understand the issues affecting people living here.

The future of Valley County is at stake, and every vote counts. I vote. I agree with younger people’s statement based on the actions of our county zoning Board and county commissioners. I believe our county P&Z and county commissioners ignore the concerns of people in our community, our zoning regulations, and our comprehensive plan in favor of flawed development applications by investors and developers.

The list is long on approvals and short on considering the long-term negative impacts of their approvals. Suppose groups like Stop Roseberry Park Development, Valley Meadows, and Stags Run had not pointed out the deficiencies and code issues to our commissioners for those applications. I have no doubt approvals would have been granted.

The skeptic in me asks, do our commissioners work for people in our community, or the developers and investors whose only stake in our community is to exploit the place for profit?

I believe our county officials support the reckless pursuit of economic growth at the expense of people struggling in our community. The commissioners’ decisions are primarily premised on the consumption of nature and the destruction of our watersheds.

People in our county live in sheds that do not meet basic safety and health codes. Still, Commissioner Maupin’s response is, “These are not ideal but may serve a purpose for local workers not able to find a home.” The thoughtless approval process has stressed our emergency services, infrastructure, and school system.

Cascade Reservoir is under extreme stress with toxic algae issues, yet subdivision after subdivision gains approval. And when our county commissioners believe Cougar Island “Is only a piece of property with a lake around it.” How can we rely on them to protect our endowment land? We can’t.

Many county officials have conflicts of interest because some members are directly or indirectly involved with real estate, investing, development, and the building business. While zoning board members and commissioners can recuse themselves of direct conflicts of interest, they cannot recuse themselves from their growth at all costs bias which is evident from their approval record.

We need a change in leadership that addresses the concerns of everyone in our community and respects the place we live. Our commissioners do not protect our people’s safety, health, or welfare, nor do they respect our land and watershed.

I endorse Joey Pietri and Erin Greaves because I believe Joey and Erin will provide the leadership we need to save Valley County with policies that support thoughtful, sustainable growth for everyone who lives here and protect Valley County for future generations.

David Gallipoli


Publication Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022

Greaves is engaged, passionate, committed to our community.

I have known Erin Greaves since 2019, when I took a position at PLCA 4 Kids After-School program where Erin was board president. I am choosing to vote for Erin Greaves to become our Valley County commissioner because she is engaged, passionate and committed to our community.

Erin is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to the youth of Valley County which also supports our region’s hard-working parents. I’ve admired her work and devotion to creating a safe and enriching environment for kids of all ages.

These qualities along with her approachable personality are why I believe Erin Greaves is the best candidate for Valley County Commissioner. Erin always advocates for my best interests and I believe she will do the same for our community!

Ashlee Fliney


Publication Date: Thursday, September 22, 2022

Greaves wants to communicate openly about our challenges

Have you ever just met someone and bam! suddenly you feel connected, inspired and heard. That’s how my first encounter with Erin Greaves was, she was so authentically herself it was refreshing, contagious even.

This is who I trust with our community, someone who is true to themselves. A fantastic listener who honestly wants to communicate openly about our challenges and values to find those solutions. You can see her integrity plus community engagement plus kindness plus knowledge of our area, even her silliness and know she will use all of these strengths to better our valley for the whole of us.

I absolutely believe she is the best candidate for our valley, hands down!

Mindy Miller, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, September 15, 2022

Greaves will bring balance to Valley County commission

Valley County needs the dynamic leadership of Erin Greaves on our county commission as we grow and evolve.

We are immersed in a surge of growth – both residential and commercial/industrial – that requires agile leaders who will manage that growth while preserving the beauty and serenity of our towns, rural lands, mountains, and waterways.

I’m sure we all agree that politics today – from D.C. to Cascade – is dysfunctional with polarization that destroys any semblance of cooperation, let alone agility. The challenges facing Valley County on every front are finding balance between competing forces. We must balance surging growth and development with our tradition, history, and the peaceful mountain life.

Every residential development and commercial venture must come with guard rails to protect the citizens of Valley County from the financial burden of expanded infrastructure, or worst case, the onerous task of cleaning up the mess left by failed profiteers.

Affordable housing must be developed for the workforce necessary to a thriving construction and hospitality economy, but this requires balance with very understandable “not in my back yard” sentiments of so many affluent neighborhoods.

Public lands must be protected from wholesale privatization that requires building effective cooperation and a common vision with our own state government.

The list goes on and for years, Erin Greaves has been at the forefront of negotiations and debates wrestling with all things Valley County. She has been a dynamic thinker, catalyst for effective debate, and a fantastic communicator helping find reasoned cooperation on every front.

I’ve been thoroughly impressed by Erin in the last year, and I’ve listened to dozens of voices across our county – business people, city and county government, and ordinary citizens – who offer the same glowing reviews after working alongside Erin the last decade.

Erin Greaves has no hidden strings attached. What she says is what we’ll get: An experienced and effective commissioner who will answer only to us, the residents of Valley County. Vote for Erin Greaves, balance and agility for the Valley County commission.

Rick Brake, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022

Bias, political gain not part of decision-making for Greaves

Balance. I believe that balance is in short supply in today’s world. At a time when the world seems to be more divided on all fronts, balance, respect and understanding will bring us together. That is why I strongly support Erin Greaves for Valley County Commissioner.

I had the privilege to work very closely with Erin on a daily basis the last seven years on numerous projects. Her ability to listen to an issue, formulate a clear response, and carry out that response is almost unequalled locally. While this is quite impressive, it was her ability to bring people from various viewpoints together for a common purpose that most impressed me. Balance.

Erin can’t be placed into the political box of liberal or conservative. She follows her ethics, morals and judgment to reach an appropriate decision for the situation. There is no room in her decision making for bias or political gain.

If you want a county commissioner who is forward thinking and will bring much need balance to our community, I urge you to cast your vote for Erin Greaves.

Justin Williams, Retired Chief of Police, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, September 1, 2022

Greaves gets things done through collaboration, work ethic

I am writing in support of Erin Greaves for Valley County Commissioner.

I met Erin earlier this spring and was immediately impressed with her energy, optimism, insightfulness into the issues at hand, her depth of experience and her ability to genuinely communicate her values and the issues that are so important to Valley County.

Her ability to listen with an open mind to anyone who has concerns, various points of view, ideas and questions makes her an ideal commissioner who can work with others to solve problems and get things done.

She has several key issues in focus affecting Valley County. Two that particularly stand out to me are her approach to growth and the importance of caring for our natural resources.

Regarding growth, she sees the importance of being pro-active rather than reactive by getting a solid plan in place that will effectively prepare us for the future as we continue to grow so rapidly.

This means preserving our Valley County history while planning for the future. This includes finding and implementing solutions for the affordable housing situation that is preventing people who have lived here, or would like to live here, to work, recreate and raise a family from being able to do so.

Regarding natural resources, Erin is in sync with all of us who enjoy our open spaces, lakes and rivers, and the wildlife that depend on them.

Whether it is hiking, hunting, camping, fishing or other outdoor activities and necessities, Erin will be there to ensure we put well thought out guardrails in place to preserve this valuable way of life.

I truly believe Erin will be a great asset to the future of our valley. I know from her past – she gets things done and she gets them done through collaboration, ingenuity, her “smarts” and her strong work ethic.

Please join me in voting for Erin Greaves this November.

Jan Thorien, McCall

Publication Date: Thursday, August 25, 2022

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