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Thank you for your questions and support through the 2022 Commissioner race. I am humbled and grateful to have been a part of the public process. I love Valley County and its people and will continue to contribute in little ways to make a difference. 

~Erin Greaves 

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What's important

Erin's main objective is to learn what is important to our locals and take action. "What I've been hearing is housing, the environment, access to public lands, involvement, youth services and help for disabled citizens," says Erin. "Every voter I talk to has an important story to tell and I want to hear them all. Experience will give me the tools to do the job, but it's serving the needs of my neighbors that will allow us all to thrive in Valley County," she added.

Valley County has been discovered and whether we want it or not, our region is growing. How we respond to all the aspects of change will shape the future for our children and their children. We have many challenges to deal with due to rapid growth. The following are at the forefront of policy and decision-making. 

  • Our people

  • Our youth

  • Our values

  • Our way of life

  • Our public lands 

  • Our water system 

  • Our fire prevention

  • Our law enforcement

  • Our land-use planning 

  • Our farmers and ranchers 

  • Our housing of the local workforce

Greaves is ready to make balanced decisions for Valley County residents. We are unique here and need to make choices that are right for the West Central Mountain region. Greaves isn't attached to one specific topic. She's not coming with a long list agenda. All decisions are important and deserve thoughtful consideration based on good communication and quality information. 

Issues in focus


Balance: I serve people, not politics. I strive for balance in our region and aim for solutions that point toward a strong future for our children and theirs. 


Communication: Public Involvement is the key to true representative democracy. What is important to you? How do you picture the future of Valley County? Serving you well is dependent on recognizing your vision in decision making. 

Growth: Where, when and how much we build matters. We are dealing with limited resources and aging infrastructure it's time to slow down and get solid planning in place to avoid sprawl and prepare for our rapidly growing future.  Proactive planning is the tool we should be focused on. If we don't plan, we will lose our character, way of life, land access and continue to face extreme housing struggles. 

Natural Resources: The stress on our community is affecting our open spaces, waterways, and wildlife. We need impact assessments and planning that account for their protection. Education and policy for wildfire mitigation are a step toward protecting our homes from the tragedies our neighbors in the Northwest have fought.  There are many challenges affecting our environment right here in Valley County. Shoreline development, mining, increased demand for water, Cyanobacteria, wildlife migration patterns and more. It's no longer an option to turn our backs on our land, water and wildlife. Mother Nature needs our help. 


Collaboration and Results: There is work to be done with our local, state and federal partners to find funding and grant opportunities, environmental protection programs, increase regional awareness, support our first reponders and share learned strategies. It's time to break away from how we've always done things and get creative.  


The issues
"True representative democracy starts with listening to your views and values." 
Qualifications Quick Summary 
  • 25+ years in Communications, Marketing and Public Relations 

  • 7+ years as a government manager in Valley County 
  • Professional Communication and Public Relations Consultant

  • FEMA Emergency Management  Institute trained Public Information Officer 

  • Active board executive, leader, member, volunteer and parent in many local non-profits, events, and recreational organizations 

  • Endorsed by the Conservation Voters of Idaho and many others  Endorsements | Erin Greaves Valley 

  • Wife, mother, writer, poet, animal lover

Experience Matters

  • Erin is an experienced private and public sector communicator. She has been involved in our current challenges, knows how we got here and what tools we can use to take positive action. 


  • She is the dedicated Public Information Officer (PIO) for all City of McCall Departments, including the

    • McCall Police Department

    • McCall Public Library

    • McCall Municipal Airport

    • McCall Municipal Golf Course

Erin had the pleasure of collaborating alongside many of our local, county, state, and federal agency leaders on multiple programs, task forces, projects, and initiatives. 

  • Her role of Communications Manager involved the processes, data collection, and planning of public input related to items such as:

    • health and safety

    • growth and development

    • infrastructure projects

    • internet connectivity

A Communication Manager shares accurate and detailed information on projects happening in all departments as well as collects public opinion to be used by voting leaders in decision making. 

  • Greaves implemented numerous high priority public education and involvement strategies** for projects and initiatives such as the:

    • McCall Area Comprehensive Plan

    • Transportation Master Plan

    • McCall Public Library Expansion

    • Streets and Tourism Local Option Tax

    • Sewer District Consolidation

    • Stibnite Mine Public Education Series

    • Downtown Core Revitalization 

    • Emergency Management Planning

    • 2020 Census

**This means Erin created and implemented plans as requested by the McCall City Council. She was not a voting member of the City Council nor a decision maker on policy, code, or taxes. She shared unbiased information choices to the public while collecting feedback as directed by her employer. 

  • Erin is a teacher. She's facilitated educational training for other Idaho municipal employees and leaders on government communication strategies through organizations such as the Idaho City Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officers Association (ICCTFOA) and Local Highway Technical Assistance Council (LHTAC).

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